Handshake (HNS)
Handshake (HNS) is an entirely community-run blockchain that decentralizes Internet domains. Handshake names are decentralized top-level domains.
Top-level domains
Before Handshake, it was only possible to rent subdomains from top-level domains like ".com".
With Handshake, anyone can own top-level domains along with unlimited subdomains.
Before Handshake, domains lived on the centralized servers of top-level domain owners who were controlled by ICANN. These domains could be easily censored and seized by many parties.
Controlled by ICANN
Decentralized on Handshake
With Handshake, domains now live on a decentralized blockchain controlled by no one. These names are uncensorable and cannot be seized by anyone.
Access Handshake domains in any browser
HNS↗TO is a community project created by nijynot/ that enables you to access Handshake domains like namebase/ by appending ".hns.to" (e.g. namebase.hns.to). To directly access Handshake domains without appending "hns.to", use HDNS.
HDNS - Handshake DNS
Access the Decentralized Internet on any device.
Learn more
Check out the Namer Community's resources for a deeper dive into Handshake.
Namer Community's Resources
The Namer Community's mission is to help Handshake names reach their fullest potential.